How To Order

Our price list is updated every Thursday afternoon with the latest stock, sources & prices. To receive the most up to date prices and stock availability when shopping please order after the Thursday afternoon update and before 6pm Friday. Sign up with your email here to receive updates directly

1. Check your delivery zone

We deliver to Hull & Beverley and many of the surrounding villages. Unfortunately, we cannot service an address outside of the delivery zones outlined here

Deliveries take place between Tuesday afternoon and Wednesday evening depending on location. Take note of this time as this is when we’ll be delivering your order the following week.

2. Decide How You’d Like to Order  

A. Order through our online shop

B. Order using the price list. For the most recent price list click here

If neither of these take your fancy, give us a call on 07949805695 (leave a message and we’ll get back to you) or drop us an email and we can try to arrange a suitable alternative. 

3. Choose your items

A. Click Here to view our online shop, add the items you want to your basket, then checkout!

B. Using the most recent copy of the price list, either fill in the attached spreadsheet or create a list of the items you would like to order along with the quantity of each item and send your order via email:

Important! whichever ordering method you choose the best time to order is after the Thursday afternoon update and before 6pm Friday. Updated price lists are published every Thursday afternoon. You can sign up to our weekly newsletter here to receive an email notification along with the most up to date price list once it’s published. Orders placed before the updates do not reflect changes in price and availability. If we are unable to deliver any items ordered we will refund you through our paypal site. Any orders received after the 6pm deadline each Friday will be refunded.

4. Arrange Payment 

A. Through our online shop using either credit/debit card or a PayPal account

B. If you order using the price list, you can pay by bank transfer, by cash / cheque on delivery, or by cheque in the post. If you would like to pay through bank transfer, please ask us for our bank details via email, or telephone 07949805695. These payment options are not available when ordering through our online shop 

5. Enjoy your organic produce!

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