• Spicy Beanburger Recipe!
    Ali W here! This recipe for spicy beanburgers is a real winner. I had a load of different beans in my cupboard so decided to experiment and mix it up, but you can use any. You can also freeze them once cooled and simply reheat from frozen until crispy. Makes 8 medium breadcake sized burgers. […]
  • Organic Walled Garden Update!
    Ali W here! Here is another virtual mini update from our Soil Association certified walled garden. Matt and Suzi have been feeding me with awesome information and some very aesthetically pleasing photos. Matt tells me that there’s been more planting out in the polytunnel, the seedlings have grown to a wonderful size and we have […]
  • Our Walled Garden Update!
    Ali W here! Lots of progress in the walled garden, and as I’ve been sunning myself and enjoying the thrill rides at Thorpe Park, my mini update is virtual this time! thank you to Matt and Suzi for the pictures and information from last week, with a few addendums from this week! The image gallery […]
  • Crispy ‘seaweed’ Kale Recipe!
    Ali W here! This organic crispy kale recipe was given to me by a Yoga student – Yoga and Cooking are two things we can definitely enjoy during lockdown! I had two colours of kale, purple and green, but you can just use one. This makes a lovely snack that’s also quite healthy!:) Serves 2. […]
  • Organic Seville Marmalade Recipe!
    Ali W here! Here is a really good and actually easy recipe for home made organic marmalade that uses Seville oranges. You may have received some in your box recently so I hope this offers a yummy way to use them. My Mum in law doesn’t like the shreds in marmalade, so I made one […]