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Organic Walled Garden Update!

Ali W here! Here is another virtual mini update from our Soil Association certified walled garden. Matt and Suzi have been feeding me with awesome information and some very aesthetically pleasing photos. Matt tells me that there’s been more planting out in the polytunnel, the seedlings have grown to a wonderful size and we have aubergine, peppers, basil, cucumbers & tomatoes all transplanted. We’ve grown basil and tomatoes before, but the others are a real first so I’m very excited to see progress of those, especially since I’m a cucumber addict! Outside, the salads are looking strong and really happy with all this rain 😊 The parsnips have been weeded after a good germination, and the progress on the allium patch is a healthy showing of spring onions and leeks so far! The very snazzy looking frame for the french beans is ready and waiting for the planting out ceremony, and Suzi tells me that fun was had harvesting the rhubarb and chard. And last, but definitely not least, the wonderful visiting bees are loving the Phacelia. As well as being very bee friendly, phacelia is also a green manure that we can cut back after it has finished flowering, and add to our compost bins. Have a look at the photos for more joyous info! If you’re interested in getting out in the open and learning more about organic gardening, why not volunteer for us and pop by to our place in Rise on a Monday? You’ll be duly rewarded with organic veg in return for your hard work and positive energy. Just get in touch via Facebook, or the website has our phone and email on it. Bye for now! Ali W.

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